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My Deepest Thanks

Today I rode my horse through the West Side trails at Pontiac Lake.  What a pleasant ride Rally and I had.  Such beautiful sights!  Blue, blue skies with fluffy white clouds and a soft breeze.  I saw birds and squirrels and only a few bugs.  The paths were so nice and easy to follow.  As I rode along enjoying all around me, my thoughts went to those faithful few who, time and time again, were out on those trails making them what they are today, while I was working and taking card of other things.  To these one’s who worked so hard seeing it through to the end, for the benefit of us ALL, I thank you most earnestly.  It made me feel proud to be a PLHA member, but a little ashamed I didn’t work harder on these wonderful trails.  Please accept this donation for the well.

                                                                          Thanks again,


My Deepest Thanks: Service
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